Elon Musk Titled Himself as The DogeFather of the Meme Cryptocurrency.

If anyone comments on Twitter that can frequently impact the economy, it's Elon Musks. In a Twitter post last year in July, the Chief Executive O of Tesla replied that the expectations of Dogecoin were higher than those of the financial world; the coin market grew 400 times in April after Tweet of Elon Musk Tweet said that after on 28th of April, "The DogeFather SLN May 8th".

Following this tweet, the manager said that dogecoin's rise is "inevitable," it seemed that the value for crypto-currency has massively risen more than twice already, following the latest tweet, which was made an hour earlier.

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Friday morning 16th, as per Coindesk figures, Dogecoin was valued at $0.25. It indicates that its worth has increased 100% in just two days, after the first coin of 10 cents, and now the coin is in a pattern of 0.3$ in just 1 hour, after the 4% drop in the last 24 hours.

Suppose the cost of dogecoin is not as shocking in comparison to Bitcoin. But it is considering that this is a fantastic milestone within the valuation which is steadily gaining on the economy.

It is worth noting that the cryptocurrency valuation increased even further from the closure of this headline: US $ 0.3522, as per CoinMarketCap numbers. The coin is, therefore, the sixth most negotiated coin on the market among the 10. 

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Before the last tweet, Musk had released another post saying "Dog belling on the moon," followed by an artist, Joan Miro's drawing. The Elon Musk posted earlier.

While it is smaller independently, making it more available to the public, Dogecoins giving it a market cap of over $44.3 billion. It's not the first time Elon Musk has boosted the dogecoin demand. Really, the executive has made a "joke" for at least seven years. 

The billionaire published a series of tweets in February this year that increased the amount of the coin to 68%. Now that this newly published tweet is over, Elon Musk will boost the price by 50 percent. Compared to past statistics in 24 hours, we hope that dogecoin will again generate a boom.