Despite its significant volatility, the cryptocurrency market attracts a lot of attention from investors. They prefer to invest in Bitcoin, the most widely used cryptocurrency in the world. Almost every industry has begun to accept Bitcoin payments and transactions. As a result, there are wallet apps available for crypto investors who want to hold Bitcoin wallets and conduct transactions from anywhere at any time. Let's take a look at the best Bitcoin wallet applications for 2022 that crypto investors should use.

In 2022, the top Bitcoin wallet apps will be:


In 2022, Coinbase is one of the most popular Bitcoin wallet apps for crypto investors. It focuses on controlling the rights to Bitcoin wallets' private keys in a secure manner. This Bitcoin wallet app is compatible with over 4,000 tokens and a plethora of DApps. The wallet software can operate as a self-custody wallet, providing access to vaults and transaction records, as well as a storage location for all cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

Binance Chain

The Binance Chain wallet app facilitates cryptocurrency transfers between your Binance.com account and the wallet app. If a crypto investor does not have a Bitcoin wallet, an extension wallet for transactions can be installed. Cryptocurrencies can be traded and earned in a variety of ways, including P2P, swap farming, strategy trading, and more.


ZenGo is a popular Bitcoin wallet programme for crypto investors who want complete control and freedom. Crypto investors may buy and earn Bitcoin with no minimum, maximum, or additional fees. With facial biometrics to govern funds in digital wallets, it provides bulletproof security and client support. For crypto investors, this Bitcoin wallet app is the first-ever keyless Bitcoin and cryptocurrency wallet.


The Kraken app is designed for new crypto investors who want to trade popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. This Bitcoin wallet programme allows users to keep track of favourite projects, invest in Bitcoin instantaneously, and view the day's top gainers. Its main goal is to provide all of the security and features required for advanced crypto trading in the cryptocurrency market.


Coinsmart makes it simple to purchase Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies using Bitcoin wallets. It aids in the secure payment of transactions and features in a rapid and convenient manner. The goal is to make cryptocurrencies available to any cryptocurrency investor on the planet. This crypto wallet app allows users to retrieve their funds the same day they deposit them.


Coinmama is a popular cryptocurrency exchange platform for buying and selling Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies using credit cards, bank transfers, and debit cards. It provides a variety of payment methods, huge spending restrictions, and quick verifications with immediate delivery. The Bitcoin wallet app also includes a crypto calculator, a Bitcoin calculator, and a variety of other features to make cryptocurrency transactions as simple as possible.


Exodus is a popular Bitcoin wallet tool that can be used on both computers and mobile devices. It may be used to send and exchange Bitcoin efficiently by both novices and experienced crypto investors. With live charting, a built-in exchange, and over 150 bitcoin assets, the wallet software can give you more control over your money.

Ledger Nano X

The Ledger Nano X is a famous Bitcoin wallet programme that also includes the most powerful hardware wallet for cryptocurrency investors. In a Ledger environment, this is a Bluetooth-enabled secure gadget for managing cryptocurrency and digital assets. It helps keep private keys safe and secure while allowing access to critical services via the Ledger Live App. On the app, crypto investors can trade over 100 different tokens.


One of the most well-known and widely used Bitcoin wallets is Mycelium. Through an inter-wallet operability function, it provides enhanced cold storage, savings, and spending accounts with an open-source and 100 percent security. There are no taxes or cross-border controls, and there are no payment or maximum restrictions.


Since 2011, the Electrum Bitcoin wallet has been safeguarding Bitcoin payments using its Bitcoin wallet app. It is quick and improves the Bitcoin experience by confirming whether transactions are in the Bitcoin blockchain using two-factor authentication. It supports hardware wallets and has numerous user interfaces while dividing the permission to spend Bitcoin tokens.